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At Kent Signs our expertise spans a wide range of areas in the signage industry for both private and public sector organizations. From commercial, education, government to healthcare, hospitality and entertainment, residential or parking structures, Kent Signs has the capable hands needed to ensure you put your best on display. When it comes to signs, we have so many creative ways to display your message. Our scope of works includes ADA (Americans with Disabilities Act) code compliant sings, digital prints, vinyl graphics, dedication plaques, fabricated channel letters, non-illuminated and illuminated letters, monuments, directional and wayfinding, an much more. Don’t see what you are looking for here? No problem, our experts are flexible and will find the right solution just for you.


Content Development

Content Development

Images are important when it comes to creating compelling signs. However, you also need content development for a few words to convey direct messages to the viewing audience. Things like slogans, catch phrases, calls to action and more are able to work with the images and graphics to create a comprehensive and capturing holistic message that will pull people in every time. Our content developers are masters at putting just the right text to complement even the best signs and designs. When it comes to signage text, the goal is to keep is short and sweet. You want the viewer to be able to read your message in a brief glance, while not taking away from the graphical aesthetics. We’ll give you the punch in your punch lines at Kent Signs.

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